Interactive Escape Challenge Book Game

GENRE: Mystery / Thriller / Suspense / Adventure

LANGUAGE: English, Deutsch, Français, Еspañol, Русский, Български




4+ HRS



In the middle of the twentieth century a representative of the two mightiest driving forces in society – the Church and Science – publicly announced that he had created something that had until then been considered unthinkable and impossible.

To the day he died this person never retracted his claim; moreover, many authoritative researchers in the field assert that this artifact does exist, even at this very moment, and is one of the most closely guarded secrets in human history. Where it is now and whether it has been used is anybody’s guess …

The story you are about to read offers just one possible version of what might have happened and may even be happening right now.

All places mentioned in PRAELUDIUM are real and exist to this very day!

Any resemblance to actual persons and events … could be accidental!



There are riddles in the game, the answers to which are names of objects, institutions, terms, and others.

Translations into different languages can NOT be used to answer these riddles.

The answers must be entered in their original form and in the language of origin.

Main characters


Zoé Lineau

Zoé, a 29-year-old proud and brave New Yorker, was exceedingly stubborn and she took pride in the fact that she hadn’t come across a more determined person than herself. She did not yet know that what was about to happen in the next few minutes would change her life forever…


Marc Huffington

Marc has always had three main hobbies: swimming, languages, and music. And while at different periods in his life he had been professionally involved with the first two, music had remained just a hobby that was nevertheless just as important to him as swimming and languages …


Leo Winniger

Leo Winniger, a 49-year-old Swiss, had been a teacher of computer science in the cantonal school in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland for 12 years. But there was also another side to him that no one knew about. He was the keeper of something that could change the past and the present …


The Others

They looked so very similar that one could take them for identical twins. Everything was the same: their size, their stature, their manner of walking and mostly their eyes. The right eye was glassy blue while the left one looked greenish. This light form of heterochromia was more characteristic of animals but sometimes occurred in humans too.


Prof. Ludovico Simonpietri

The professor of ancient music was a man, whose age was difficult to determine. What he had to do and had come as a request from his old friend Leo Winniger was going to happen very soon and Ludovico knew that the role, he had been assigned was extremely important …


Reto Tiemann

Reto Tiemann, a colleague and good friend of Marc from the University of Frankfurt, was a typical Bavarian. A ruddy, red-haired young man with a broad smile on his face, who was working on a PhD dissertation on ancient languages.


The Professor from the Music Academy in Rome

The professor of ancient music was a smallish man with round lens glasses and a slow but confident step and a melodious voice.


The piano music you’ll hear as you read has been played and recorded by us personally for the SEALED BOOK PROJECT ©. Every single note, without exception!

Portions of these songs you’ll be able to hear while reading but if you decide to support us and buy our GRATITUDE PACKAGE, you’ll get exclusive access to the Gallery and will be able to enjoy the entire works as much and as long as you wish.


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Be among the first who have experienced the pleasure and the astonishment of what happens in the story’s sequel by subscribing to our newsletter. We promise you’ll never regret it!