Vol. 2 CODEX

Interactive Escape Challenge Book Game

GENRE: Mystery / Thriller / Suspense / Adventure

LANGUAGE: English, Deutsch, Français, Еspañol, Русский, Български


5 000+


7+ HRS



The story is getting even more complicated as Zoé and Marc set out on a journey that takes some unpredictable turns, one which will lift the curtain on some secrets but will also place a number of unsuspected obstacles in their way.

The two will travel across ancient lands soaked in the histories of many civilizations, in search of the answers they have been after all along. On their long and dangerous quest, Marc and Zoé will witness and experience things whose existence they never imagined: mystical rites, ancient legends, magic rituals and inexplicable events.

CODEX is that part of the story whose new, extremely specific and intriguing riddles are directed specially to those truly devoted to discovering the unknown. They will experience not only the pleasure of solving them but also that of learning many new things.

Main characters

Blagovesta Dimitrova

Blaga gave the impression of a radiant and cheerful woman but behind the smile that rarely left her face was a nature few people knew and knowledge no-one suspected she held! She was neither an ordinary woman nor one Marc and Zoé had met by accident …

The Priest

An elderly man, dressed in black from top to toe and with a long white beard reaching down to his waist and standing in sharp contrast against the blackness of his clothing. On his head was a kalimavkion and his general appearance gave the impression of someone dressed up for a film role.

Master Manol

Master Manol’s specialty was making ornaments from wood into which he imprinted various symbols of happiness and prosperity.

The Others – Female

The only thing which could suggest a visual connection with the Others men was their eyes. They all had the same non-human blue eyes – very pale but with various green-blue tinges to them. These two women were special and held the top positions in the hierarchy of an advanced civilization and now had come the moment of drastic, desperate measures. They were obliged to make decisions that had no precedent in history!

Henry Simmons

For many years Henry had worked as a counterintelligence field agent and had found himself in numberless life-threatening situations. And he had always managed to come out of them safe and sound thanks to his extreme intellect and courage, both of which made up for the shortcomings of his physique.

Grandma Vida

She was already 92 years old and her body mysteriously grows very cold every year on 3 June. She begins to shiver and so the stove has to be lit. Grandma Vida was sitting on her bed with the warmest winter jacket, Marc and Zoé had ever seen, thrown over her shoulders. By her side was a stove and it was burning indeed!

Allie and Mike

Allie and Mike were both from New York, she was with a broad smile and brilliant white teeth, and he was well-built, with bulging muscles and even slightly taller than Marc. His face was freckled and his short hair was red. He looked like the perfect representative of the New York Irish community.

Sophie Lineau, Zoé’s mother

Sophie Lineau, 56 years old, a former professional ballerina and now the owner of a dancing club for children, was by nature almost as expansive and emotional as her daughter. There was an extremely strong bond between the two, and they spoke to each other almost daily but now Zoé hadn’t called her for several days, and she was starting to feel anxious …


The piano album includes 10 original pieces composed, played and recorded especially for CODEX. Its music has been inspired by authentic ancient melodies that have survived through the ages and are still played and sung at the places where the events in this story are set. Portions of these songs you’ll be able to hear while reading but if you decide to support us and buy our GRATITUDE PACKAGE, you’ll get exclusive access to the Gallery and will be able to enjoy the entire works as much and as long as you wish.

This is their world premiere and you’ll have the privilege to be the first to hear them!


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Be among the first who have experienced the pleasure and the astonishment of what happens in the story’s sequel by subscribing to our newsletter. We promise you’ll never regret it!